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Shipping Containers in the Southwest

Fincham Mobile Storage offers a wide variety of mobile storage containers to fit any customer. Our versatile containers come in all shapes and sizes ranging from our smallest container, a 7’x6’, to our two most popular 8’x20’ and 8’x40’, and our largest container 8½’x48’. Though there are many names for our units, Shipping Containers, Connex, C-Cans, we have the largest inventory variety in New Mexico. Our wind and water tight containers offer great protection from all natural elements and even the not so common. The containers also offer the security knowing that your product or belongings are safe and secure behind a solid steel container. Our units offer extra security by having a lock-box on each unit. Delivery of the units can be done quick and easy with our specialty loading trailers and trucks, making us able to place the container in an area that is most convenient for you, our customers. Fincham’s mobile event app development storage containers work great on construction job sites, building locations, remodels, neighborhood storage, commercial storage, and many other uses. We can even customize the units to fit your needs. Finchams also caters to the movie set industry that is booming here in New Mexico. Units can be used and designed for the use filming and multiple units can be delivered in a timely fashion.

Large Steel Boxes

These are large “steel boxes” that sit on the ground & can’t be moved once loaded

Container Sizes

Container Sizes Include: 10 feet 20 feet 40 feet 48 feet

Forklift Access?

The 48-foot units have a 9 1/2′ high ceiling for forklift access.

Secure Onsite Storage

We install LOCK BOXES on these units to prevent use of bolt cutters to cut off locks.